Republic of South Sudan

Southern Sudan Counts: Tables from the 5th Sudan Population and Housing Census, 2008

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he objective of this report is to present the data collected during the 5th Sudan Population and Housing Census in a thorough and systematic way. The 2008 Census consisted of two parts: a short form questionnaire (SFQ), administered to everyone in the population, and a long form questionnaire (LFQ), administered to a sample of the population. The short form questionnaire contains ten questions on sex, age, place of residence, nationality, duration of residence and place of birth. The long form questionnaire contains information on births and deaths, as well as modules on education, economic activity and housing characteristics.

This report contains detailed tables produced using data collected from both sources. While priority tables using data from the census were released in 2009, this is the first time that tables from all the modules of the census will be published together