Republic of South Sudan

Sudan Household Health Survey (SHHS) 2010

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Executive Summary

The South Sudan Household Health Survey (SHHS 2), the second round of its kind, is a nationally representative sample survey of households, women and men aged 15-49 years and children aged 0-5 years. The survey studies the general well-being of women and children in South Sudan. It aims to collect health and related indicators essential to identifying women, men and children’s health needs and for establishing priorities for evidence-based planning, decision making and reporting. The sample design, based on MICS4 (Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 4) methodology, provides robust estimates of the selected health and social development indicators required for effective planning and management purposes.

The South Sudan Household Health Survey (SHHS 2) was carried out in 2010 by the National Bureau of Statistics, and Ministry of Health with Financial & Technical Support from UNICEF and the Ministry of Health. The results presented in this report pertain to last week of March to the end of June 2010, when the field work was conducted.