The National Bureau of Statistics



8.26 million

Total Population of South Sudan is



Total Area of South Sudan is



More than half of the population is below the age of eighteen



of the population is below the age of thirty



of the population is rural



of the adult population is literate



of the population live below the poverty line



of households depend on crop farming or animal husbandary as their primary source of livelihood



of the population has access to improved sources of drinking water

How it all works

The origins of the Southern Sudan Centre for Census Statistics and Evaluation (SSCCSE) date back to 1995 when it served as a Database and Monitoring Unit under the then Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Association (SRRA).


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In 2005, following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and the promulgation of the Southern Sudan Interim Constitution, the Centre was founded and has since assumed the roles specified in the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan, 2005.


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The Management of the Centre is under the direct responsibility of the Chairperson as Chief Executive. The chairperson is assisted in his/her day to day management responsibilities and duties by the Deputy Chairperson.


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The Deputy Chairperson is responsible for the day to day implementation of the decisions of the Board and supervision of staff.

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The Launch of the Report is scheduled for Tuesday 11th October from 9:30 a.m. at Home and Away Conference Hall.

The National Bureau of Statistics is pleased to launch the South Sudan Cost-to-Market Report: An Analysis of Check-points on the Major Trade Routes in South Sudan.

Working with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

The UNFPA is mandated by the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) to provide technical support to Sudan to conduct the population census in November 2007.

The Population Census Council (PCC):

The UNFPA Population Census Support Unit focuses on the coordination between Northern and Southern parties, capacity building in Census procedures and methodologies, and advocacy. In doing so, activities should take into account the need to have common guidelines and methodologies in the Northern and Southern Sudan and the peculiarities of census preparation implementation in each region.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The CBS General Director.Chairperson
The SSCSE General DirectorDeputyChairperson
Director of Computer Center of SSCSEMembers
Director of Computer Center of CBSMembers

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” Who is involved in the Population Census “

Unauthorized check-points along the major trade routes are a pressing issue for the Government of South Sudan. Payment and time spent waiting at unauthorized check-points increases costs faced by traders, producers and consumers within South Sudan, inhibiting economic development at this critical period of South Sudan’s history. This report is a first step in quantifying the problem and will provide a baseline to evaluate progress made by the government in streamlining revenue collection and eliminating unauthorized check-points.

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Any member of this committee is not to be a member of any other census committee.

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