Census & Surveys

Population Projections for South Sudan by Payam from 2015 – 2020


The population projections by payam were done by distributing the projected county population according to the payam population distribution in 2008. This was then broken down into sex according to the state level sex ratio of that year. You can find these percentages in the Appendix A in the publication of county population projection.

Two payams in the old Baliet County have been made into Akoka County. The old Akoka Payam and Rom Payam now form the Akoka County. Bianythiang Boma in the old Akoka Payam has been upgraded into a payam.

In 2008, Akoka Payam contributed 9.9% of the Baliet County population and Rom Payam contributed 10.6%. These two payams constituted 20.5% of the former Baliet County. So, 20.5% of the former Baliet County population was got to form the population for Akoka County. Akoka is now the 13th county in Upper Nile. The percentage distribution of the population was done for the new Baliet excluding Akoka and Rom payams. The same was done for Akoka County. These percentages were used to distribute the populations to the payams. The distributed populations were broken down by sex according to the sex ratios of the state in the year the data refer to.

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