Schedule of Census Activities

Legal, Organizational, Fund RaisingSept 2005Oct 2007
Geographic Preparations, Listing, MappingJan 2006Sept 2007
Demarcation of EAs and House numberingJan 2006Sept 2007
Preparation of Census ToolsSept 2005Mar 2007
Institutional Arrangements and Logistical PreparationsSept 2005Aug 2007
AdvocacySept 2005Dec 2008
Pilot Census including Pre-Test15 Nov 200630 Nov 2006
Finalization of Census Enumeration PlansDec 2006June 2007
Procurement of Census Equipment and MaterialsJan 2006Sept 2007
Procurement of Enumeration SuppliesJan 2007Sept 2007
Establishment of Nine Data Processing CentersSept 2006Sept 2007
Distribution of SuppliesSept 2007Nov 2007
Recruitment of Field StaffJuly 2007Sept 2007
Training of Field StaffSept 2007Nov 2007
Assignment of Tasks and Deployment of Field StaffNov 2007Nov 2007
Census Field Enumeration15 Nov 200730 Nov 2007
Retrieval and Storage of Questionnaires from FieldDec 2007Dec 2007
Recruitment of Data Processing StaffSept 2007Oct 2007
Training of Data Processing StaffNov 2007Dec 2007
Processing of Short Questionnaire and Production of TablesDec 2007Feb 2008
Processing of Long Questionnaire and Production of TablesMar 2008July 2008
Production of Fact Sheets and FlyersAug 2008Dec 2008
Preparation of Analytical VolumesAug 2008Dec 2008
National Launching of Results from Short QuestionnaireJan 2008Jan 2008
State Launching of Results from Short QuestionnaireFeb 2008Feb 2008
Launching of State TabulationsMar 2008Aug 2008
Launching of Analytical VolumesDec 2008Dec 2008
Launching of Fact sheets and FlyersAug 2008Dec 2008
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